provides natural, biological solutions to fly problems with the key objective of reducing the use of chemical pesticides. In the past, poisonous chemicals have increased farm yields but at an environmental cost that only now is being understood.

It is our mission to promote a cost effective "green solution" for fly control around Canadian farms and stables. Biological control does require an understanding of fly biology and that there is a natural balance between good bugs (predators and parasites) and bad pest bugs. Biological control is not eradication but instead it is a reduction process in the pest populations to a level that provides the same or better benefits attained by using chemical pesticides. Furthermore, chemical  pesticides are becoming increasingly ineffective as the fly populations are becoming immune to them. Whether you are a cattle rancher, dairy farmer, poultry farmer, stable owner or hog producer, there are safe and cost effective solutions to address your fly problems. Our goal is to promote a healthy environment for livestock that translates into increased productivity.

The environmental movement towards reduced pesticide use is gaining momentum as more and more farms and stables are using Fly Parasites as part of their fly control program.   

Here are a few simple guidelines to help you successfully and easily use Fly Parasites and reduce the use of pesticides:


  1. Monitor the fly populations in your barns and paddocks.  This is not as hard as it sounds. A few sticky tapes, or fly traps will give you an indication if the fly population is increasing or decreasing.
  2. Identify the pests. While the Fly Parasites we provide will control most flies around your farm, knowing the type of flies you have will help in deciding the most cost effective method of distributing the Fly Parasites and attaining the best results.
  3. Apply Fly Parasites in sufficient concentrations to control the pest problem. The application rate depends on the severity of the fly problem. It is much easier to control a fly problem if it is identified when the population is low and a sufficient number of Fly Parasites are applied, therefore start early in the season.  It is harder and requires higher concentrations of Fly Parasites to control a well-established pest problem.
Maintain a suitable manure program.  This will be one of the most important elements in reducing the fly populations.

We have been supplying Canadian farms with these solutions for over a decade and would welcome the opportunity to speak with you. Please give us a call at 1-888-668-7264 or email us on the contact page for a NO OBLIGATION solution to your fly problems.  

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